Creativity, as an innate ability of human beings, is embodied in all walks of life. But creativity in design does have a unique way of showing itself. Many designers say that the creative space of design is small nowadays. In my mind, design creativity has never been lacking and has…

American design is rooted in an innovative culture, leading the world with a continuous output of creative things. Unlike the former’s spirit, Japanese design is developed more relying on its unique aesthetic culture. Nowadays, the design emphasizes creatively solving problems, but it is difficult to give new things an exclusive…

from Photographer Diana Walker

Many people think that aesthetics focus on appearance and is superficial. “Beauty” is indeed presented through appearance, but there are meanings and connotations behind the appearance. If one has a unique aesthetic taste and integrates it into product building, beauty will often show its profound value.

Everyone can develop their…

Rui Yang

Product designer, design innovation leader

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